Updates on dev.to clone in Angular — August 6

Ajit Singh
3 min readAug 6, 2021


Github Repo — https://github.com/ajitsinghkaler/devto-clone

Deployed on Firebase — https://dev-toclone.firebaseapp.com/

Last week I completed the homepage.

This week I added article details page the styling is left so I added the basic skeleton of the article details page. This will also be divided into 3 sections the reaction section the articles section and the user section.

This week I focused on the article details section and joining the homepage articles to article details section. It was a bit tiresome this week. There were some problems like getting a specific article by path requires you to set the article username which I came to know that can be either username or organization name but if organization name exists it has to be organization name. There is no API to get featured article on homepage earlier I used the articles API and set the first one as featured article but that had a problem that the first article may not necessarily contain an image. The articles API also gave stale articles so I changed it with rising articles and took the first one that has an image. I think the timeline should be better if someone wants to use this as an app. Took a lot of my time yesterday but still there was progress so, I am happy.

Let us talk about the article section I’ve divided it into 3 parts the article details the comment section and the read next section I was only able to work on article detail section. I got article details using https://dev.to/api/articles/{username}/{slug} the API and I the same pattern as before a store and and API service.

There is one good news Chellapan is working on the listings section. The listings section will require masonry layout so maybe I can extract out some directives which makes making masonry layout easy for anyone to use. I’ll be releasing articles on his work too after he completes. Here is where I am now.


  1. The article section is again repeated Which I think is not a big problem because every state is different. I’m not sure about this.

2. Issue

Tags color and background. Tags in API comes in an a separate array and the colors in a different array I need to mix and match them and it should be reusable because its used everywhere.

Commits done

  1. fix a bug with getting article details
  2. article details added


Chellapan is working on the listings section. Waiting for it Chellapan 😁. If anyone want to contribute they can pick anything from the issues section in the repo.

Originally published at https://ajitblogs.com on August 6, 2021.