Angular Dev’s first React project — Netflix clone

Few of my positive experiences

  1. Creating a component in React.js is a dream components cannot be created easier than this.
  2. Hooks for state management — Hooks are a really easy paradigm for state management

Neutral experiences

  1. Styled components — Suffers from scalability problems writing styles again and again seemed weird but the scoping was great.

Negative experiences

  1. Context was weird Calling use context again and again seemed odd somehow. Maybe I’m not accustomed to it.
  2. How to find right tools for the job you are trying to do. React has so many options which is great but it makes choosing the right tool that much harder.
  3. How to scale react could not find good resources on it.

Angular apparent short comings after using React

  1. State Management- It has nothing compared to hooks
  2. Component creation is so hard in Angular
  3. Why do we need modules. Why?
  4. Angular team giving every package has taken its toll on angular innovation. Not much is tried by the community in angular.

Angular strong suit

  1. Angular basics will always be same because of the same lib use so easy to work on multiple projects
  2. Angular directives there is nothing like them
  3. Angular schematics setting up libs for you is great
  4. Angular Cli is the best

CSS Management




Front End Developer

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Ajit Singh

Ajit Singh

Front End Developer

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